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About us


Over 100 years ago, the company’s founders, Dr. Carl Siebert und Albert Kühn, recognised an increasing demand for technically high quality, precision thermometers and glass apparatus. They founded the company Dr. Siebert & Kühn GmbH & Co. KG on November 1, 1901, thus laying the foundation for the success story that is SIKA in the development and production of high quality measurement equipment.
SIKA is still entirely family-owned and is run by members of the Siebert family in the 4th generation.

The Company

The seat of the SIKA corporate group is in Kaufungen. In addition to SIKA Dr. Siebert & Kühn GmbH & Co. KG, the group consists of SIKA Systemtechnik GmbH and SIKA Aquatec GmbH. 270 employees develop, produce and sell measurement devices, calibrators and sensory mechanisms for the physical factors of temperature, flow, level and pressure.
In France and the United States, SIKA can offer its customers competent on-site support in the form of SIKA France, Paris, and SIKA USA, Sturtevant (Wisconsin).

A Tradition of Quality

Customer centricity was at the heart of the corporate culture even in the dawning days of SIKA. This has remained until the present day. SIKA offers optimum solutions to numerous measurement problems, drawing on a broad range of products and developments.

SIKA product specialists offer qualified support in selecting equipment from the standard programme and also in the mutual development of components and assemblies with OEM customers.

SIKA products are synonymous with high quality standards. SIKA thermometers, which measure just as precisely after ten years as immediately after production, are examples of the standards that are satisfied in development, purchasing and production. This means that SIKA can also satisfy ambitious quality goals for large series in all product ranges. This focus on quality is documented in the certification according to DIN EN ISO 9001.

At Home on All Continents

Customers from all over the world are convinced by the products and services provided by SIKA. They find local support from sales partners in all important developed nations. These partners can draw on the complete reservoir of specialist expertise in Kaufungen and can therefore tap the rich experience from the use of SIKA products around the world.

Short delivery times for numerous standard items can be guaranteed thanks to the stocks held by main retailers. This customer centricity has brought SIKA a good reputation around the world and has created a healthy base of satisfied customers.
The consistent development of products and service is a guarantee that SIKA will remain a strong partner for its customers in future also.


Products and Services

Mechanical metrology

  • Machine thermometer
  • KombiTemp
  • Dial thermometer
  • Digital thermometers
  • Temperature sensors and transmitters
  • Thermometer protection tubes
  • Mechanical pressure gauges
  • Digital precision pressure gauges
  • Pressure transmitters and pressure switches
  • Pressure Gauge Accessories
  • Limit switches

Flow measurement

  • Flow Switches
  • Flow Switches Paddle and Piston Types
  • Electronic Flow Monitor
  • Flow Regulator
  • Magnetic Inductive Flow Sensors
  • Ultrasonic Flow Sensors
  • Turbine Flow Meters for Liquids
  • Turbine Flow Sensors
  • Radial Turbine Flow Sensors for Liquids
  • Positive Displacement Flow Sensors
  • Electronic Instruments for Flow Rate and Total Flow Measurement
  • Variable Area Flow Meters
  • Level Switches

Test and calibration equipment

  • Temperature Calibrators
  • Pressure Calibrators
  • Calibration Services
  • Hand Held Instruments
  • Infrared Temperature Hand-held Measuring Instruments
  • Digital Electronic Controller
  • Electronic Measuring Device with manual electronic switch
  • Temperature Sensors
  • Pressure Sensors
  • Electronic Transmitters
  • KombiTempIndustrial Thermometers
  • Electronic Digital Thermometers
  • Precision Dial Thermometers
  • Precision Bi-Metal Dial Thermometers
  • Protection Tubes
  • Mechanical Pressure Gauges



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