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Competence in Metrology

Since the establishment of the Georg-August-University in 1737, Goettingen has primarily achieved world-wide fame as a city of research and development. To this day, renowned scientists - many of which are Nobel laureates - have devoted their time to research at the University itself, at the University of Applied Sciences and Arts, or at one of the five institutes of the Max Planck Society.

In the environment of the university and its scientific institutes, workshops developing precision mechanics, laboratory equipment and measuring instruments quickly established themselves. In 1853, Mechanicus Hermann Pfaff opened the first electro-technical workshop in Goettingen.

The foundations for measurement technology in Goettingen were laid as early as in the 19th century, when scientists like C. F. Gauss (1775-1855) worked at the university. 
As a typical cross-sectional technology, modern metrology is an integral part of product-, manufacturing- and process-automation. At the same time it is a major enabling technology. Many products would be non-existent without modern metrological systems and methods.

Metrological instruments manufactured in Goettingen are often unparalleled and represent the vanguard of technical progress. Today, the companies of the industry offer highly qualified apprenticeships and employments in a future-oriented high-tech field with an above-average growth.

Modern measurement technology is the key to quality, precision and safety for products to stay competitive.
An increasing demand for innovative metrology needs to be covered in the fields of machine building, R&D, environmental protection, food analysis, transport and traffic.

Over the past years Goettingen, the “City of Science”, has evolved to a prominent center of modern measurement technology. 

Measurement Valley e.V. 

Founded in 1998, the Measurement Valley association organizes the joint interests of more than 40 regional companies and scientific institutions operating in the field of measurement technology. 

A central goal of the association is to establish the brand “Measurement Valley” with its close connection to the university, scientific institutions and research facilities in Goettingen. 
The name “Measurement Valley” is to be established nationally as well as internationally to become a synonym for competence in modern metrology. 

In addition to advertising, workshops and events, activities in the fields of technology, purchase, marketing, quality management and training are an essential part of the association’s work. 
The main emphasis is put on the synergetic alliance of the member companies which results in a measurable benefit for each member.
As a network of innovative companies and scientific institutions, Measurement Valley has become an integral part of Goettingen’s regional economy.

Another important prerequisite for the success of Measurement Valley is the fact, that the member companies – instead of competing with other members - complement one another with their service and product offer. 

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