Employment & Training


All members together employ more than 6.500 people in the field of metrology only. As one of the largest employers in lower saxony the university alone employs more than 10.000 people.
In order to keep up their competitiveness Measurement Valley companies are always looking for well qualified personnel.Therefore the preconditions for university graduates looking for a job are excellent.

Some members post their job offers on the internet.



The companies of the association offer positions in a future-oriented industrial sector and depend on the qualifications of their employees. Accordingly almost all members offer a broad range of vocational training courses. 

More than 22 different careers are on offer at the moment. Industrial education ranges from Chemical Technician to Precision Mechanic and the University of Applied Sciences and Arts offers several courses of study especially in the field of measurement technology.

More information about industrial training and the individual career courses can be found here. (in German only) More information about courses of study. (in German only)