About us

Many diseases, such as cancer, dementia or inflammatory diseases, are still incurable. Hundreds of millions of people lack access to affordable and safe medicines. Our biopharma customers are working hard to develop new drugs to improve people's lives.

The Sartorius Group is a leading international partner of life science research and the biopharmaceutical industry. Our ambition is to simplify progress in biopharmaceutical research and production. We support our customers with innovative technologies that make the development and manufacture of innovative therapeutics faster and more efficient. So that more people have access to better medicine. Nearly 11,000 employees at over 60 production and sales locations worldwide are committed to this vision.

Sartorius is one of the fasted-growing global life science companies. Since 2011 the company has increased its sales revenue from 733 million to around 2.34 billion euros. And we aim to grow further.


Products and Services

Lab Products & Services

  • Weighing (Laboratory Balances, OEM Weigh Cells, Mass Comparators & Metrology, Weights &  Weight Sets, Paint Mixing Solutions)
  • Quality Control (Microbiology Products, Moisture Analysers)
  • Lab Water Purification (Lab Water Systems)
  • Liquid Handling (Pipettes & Pipette Tips, Pipette Calibration)
  • Cell Cultivation (Bioreactors & Fermentors, Shakers & Incubators, Cell Culture Disposables, Centrifuges)
  • Filtration & Purification (Filters, Ultrafiltration, Membrane Chromatography, Virus Purification Kits, Diagnostic Membranes & Arrays, Blotting Membranes)

Bioprocess Solutions

  • Filtration (Filters for Liquids, Air & Gas Filters, Filter Housings, Filter Integrity Testing, OEM Membranes)
  • Fluid Management (Single-Use Bioprocess Bags, Containers, Mixing Systems, Aseptic Transfer Systems, Freeze & Thaw Systems, Tubing & Dis-/Connectors)
  • Purification (Crossflow Holders & Systems, Crossflow Filters, Membrane Chromatography, Clarification Filters, Virus Filters, UV-C Inactivation Systems, DENARASE® Endonuclease)
  • Process Control (Process Analysers, Process Control Tools, Microbiology Products, Chemometric Software)
  • Media and Buffers (Media USP, Media & Buffer DSP)
  • Fermentation & Cell Culture (Bioreactors &  Fermentors)
  • Configurable Single-Use System (FlexAct® Systems)



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