Solar Data

Software for energy management

Innovative solutions to increase energy efficiency
Solar-Data is an innovative IT-company. Since 1986 we have been developing systems for energy management. It is our aim to create energy transparency for our customers, and to support them in their effort to increase resource efficiency. The program e58-EM is a valuable working basis for energy managers and offers all the tools you need to monitor, target and reduce energy consumption.

Products and Services

Standard program systems for energy-controlling and energy-management, automatic creation of energy reports in Word-document format, cost and environmental analysis.
Technical software for energy-consulting and data analysis.
lndividual software development for data management and data analysis
Training courses, seminars for energy-counselling, measuring and data analysis technique.
Service for energy-controlling and energy-management: Data acquisition, data analysis and customising reports to fit with organisations corporate branding guidelines.



Dr. Reinhold Kantus
Schülerstieg 4a
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Tel.: +49(0)551 / 96667