Carl Zeiss CMP GmbH

About us

Carl Zeiss CMP GmbH develops and manufactures opto-mechanical and opto-electronical modules and devices.

Due to our history, one of our core competencies is in the production of highly corrected spherical optics systems. A typical field of use is in high end microscope objectives.

Carl Zeiss CMP GmbH is part of the worldwide ZEISS Production Network. This gives us access to additional competencies and technologies, even beyond our own expertise.

Our most important business partners are the different business units from within the ZEISS Group.

In addition we also offer development and/or production services for OEM partners from outside of ZEISS.

Products and Services

  • Development and production of opto-mechanical and opto-electronical modules and devices
  • High-end spherical optics starting from 2 mm diameter
  • Processing of all kinds of optical glass, calcium fluoride, quartz glass
  • Optical coatings
  • Mounting incl. low-strain, adjustment turning
  • Machining of aluminium and brass
  • Electroplating incl. anodization, passivation, nickel and chromium plating
  • Powder and wet coatings
  • structured, smooth, sliding lacqers, baking paint reflexion-reducing lacqers
  • Engraving, screen printing



Carl Zeiss CMP GmbH
Dr. Christian Boeker
Königsallee 9-21
37081 Göttingen

Tel.:  +49(0)551 / 5060-636

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