Ingenieur- und Vermessungsgesellschaft mbH

About us

We are a competent service provider for three-dimensional (coordinate) measurement technology providing high precision 3D measurement systems and intelligent solutions for quality management and the entire industrial process chain.
We determine the actual size of your workpieces, components and assemblies as well as their geometric shape including all relevant dimensions.
The 3D data acquisition of small and large components (from 1 cent coins up to locomotives etc.) is carried out with an accuracy in the submillimeter-range in order to get exact statements about dimensions, size, shape, target-actual analysis, deflection, displacement, distance, angle, geometric and position tolerances.
We use calibrated and certified mobile and stationary 3D measurement systems. 

Our dynamically linked measurement protocols (reports) are comprehensible and clearly documented and serve as proof of strong protocol QM compliance.


3D industrial measurement technology

  • 3D Laser tracker, 3D Digitisation
  • Automated Photogrammetry (Light Stripe Scanner, Structured Light Scanner)
  • 3D coordinate measurement
  • 3D measurements for setup and adjustment of welding, clamping and mounting devices, floor plates, railsystems etc.
  • 3D deformation analysis (bending, torsion, deflection, sections, distances, angles, shape and position tolerances
  • Series measurement without damage, reproducible, stable (e.g. in the robotic arm with ScanBox)
  • Random sample inspection 
  • Testing of plastic parts (first-article inspection)
  • Target-actual analysis to CAD data, Planning or construction drawings and location of objects in space
  • Surface measurements in comparison with CAD data
  • Volume and surface models (IGES, STEP, Parasolid etc.)


  • Measurement with UAV 
  • 3D data acquisition
  • Orthophoto production
  • 3D scanning
  • Broadcast aerial photographs in full HD
  • 3D visualisation - photo realistic and authentic
  • Geoinformatics



Ingenieur- & Vermessungsgesellschaft mbH
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