Berufsbildende Schulen Duderstadt

About us

Our students are the centre of our daily action. It is our commitment to assure and to improve the quality of our work. Our school is the vocational competence centre in the "Eichsfeld"-region.
We are the modern vocational competence centre of our region. We offer selected educational courses for vocational training and further education which provide our students with the possibility to get vocational, job-related and academic certificates.


We continuously enhance this offer.
Because of the intensive work with and the integration of all partners we are able to advance the preparation and the transition from school to the world of work.
We encourage all our students according to their skills and abilities.
Our work is supported by the excellent equipment of our school.



Berufsbildende Schulen Duderstadt
Ms Sabine Freese
Kolpingstraße 4 + 6
D-37115 Duderstadt

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