City (Hi)stories

Discover a lively history of science

In Goettingen there is much to discover for visitors and inhabitants.
Not only did 44 nobel laureates live and work here, but the brothers Grimm as well as Georg-Christoph Lichtenberg have also left their marks here. The Measurement Valley association is especially committed to visualize the history of metrology in Goettingen. Since the summer of 2006 a special guided tour pertaining to the history of metrology in Goettingen can be booked via the Tourist-Information office.
In 1833 Carl Friedrich Gauss and Wilhelm Weber succeeded in sending messages via an electromagnetic data line. 174 years later – since 19th  November 2007 – the Measurement Valley Laser-Telegraph sends encoded messages from the observatory to the St. John’s church.
Measurement Valley has also campaigned for the preservation of the world's oldest Seismological-Station.
Another highlight are the large museum collections of the University, six of which open their doors to the public on every sunday.