Wienecke & Sinske GmbH

About us

Wienecke & Sinske GmbH was founded in 1999 in Gleichen-Bremke (southern Lower Saxony) by the two graduate engineers Dieter Wienecke and Kurt Sinske and has been a member of the „Measurement Valley“ association since 2000.
The technical main fields of our products are:

  • controlling and regulation of electrical drives with DC and BLDC low power motors
  • control technology for high-precision piezo motors in linear drives
  • components for measured value acquisition in the manufacturing mechanics
  • combination of metrology and drive engineering to customer-specific complete solutions for automatized processes in quality management, production measurement technology and laboratory measurement technology.

The excellent experiences in the field of piezo drive engineering determine considerably the extent of the technical solutions and products for this important field of application.

Our team, consisting currently of seven members, does not only have the ability to provide series that are technically of high quality but it also offers to implement challenging individual solutions according to the customers’ requirements. Such tasks, which are usually very specialized are realized by our individual electronics, construction and software development and go hand in hand with distribution, initial operation and service.

Products and Services

Sophisticated electronics, mechanics and software components enable very good applicabilities in the fields of automatization, controlling and laboratory technology. Through well-matched hardware modules, up to 32 different individual components are selectable over only one interface. With that, e.g. fast and precise positioning in multi-axle systems with simultaneous detection of measured and controlled data is made possible, so that easily-operated processes can be realized in industrial production, quality management as well as in laboratories.
Wienecke & Sinske GmbH has special competences in the field of piezo drive engineering which is characterized by precise positioning and high dynamics.

Difficult tasks of positioning can be controlled by computer through appropriate runs. Even motions in the nanometre range can be performed manually, easily and precisely with the help of a joystick control in x, y and z directions.

An example for this is the scanning table in microscopy:
The piezo drive should enable rapid sample change (high dynamics) and has to reach a high synchronization accuracy at optical measurement. Additionally, a manually operated fine positioning – usually in the nanometre range – in the sample surface is desirable.



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