Visicon Automatisierungstechnik GmbH

About us

Business Founded in: 1990
Business Location: 37130 Gleichen-Rittmarshausen, Germany
Members of Staff: 60

VisiCon designs, manufactures and sells machines and components for the alignment of headlamps and wheels, for vehicle manufacturing plants and suppliers.

With more than 500 alignment machines in operation world-wide, VisiCon is one of the world leading manufacturers of automated headlamp adjustment systems.
Since 1998, our innovative laser wheel alignment equipment is firmly established in the vehicle manufacturing business.
Nearly all renown vehicle and headlamp manufacturers in the world - from Audi in Germany to Mitsubishi in Australia to Zizala in Austria - all rely on machines made in Rittmarshausen, Lower Saxony, Germany.
VisiCon delivers to all inhabited continents.

Products and Services

Autonomous headlamp test and alignment systems for headlamp manufacturers

Custom designed test and alignment systems for all headlamp types, LED headlamps included. Autonomous headlamp test and alignment systems for vehicle manufacturers

One-stop shopping turnkey solutions:

  • Process Automation and Control
  • Production Network Interfaces Mechanical Design (3D)
  • Plant Engineering
  • Electrical Engineering
  • Control Cabinets
  • Vehicle Centralisers
  • Gate (Gantry) or Floor Mounted Positioning Systems
  • Calibration Gear
  • Special Purpose Solutions

Refurbishment and upgrade of wheel alignment machines for vehicle manufacturers

All important Key Technologies are developed here at VisiCon:

  • Design and manufacturing of laser sensors
  • Image processing (wheel recognition, wheel arch detection)
  • Algorithms for calculating all relevant parameters (toe, camber, caster, etc.)Chassis mechanics (S-point, caster, etc.)
  • Mechanical construction in 3D
  • Electrical construction and cabinet assembly

Calibration equipment for Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS)

VisiCon offers a wide range of calibration devices for advanced driver assistance systems.
These modules can be integrated into a complete calibration rig.
Whether you are looking for well established standard calibration devices, or require the development of a new calibration machine:
Challenge our versatile team of designers, we will build your optimised calibration system!



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