Lambrecht meteo GmbH

About us

Lambrecht meteo, an AEM brand, develops and manufactures world-class meteorological sensors and measurement solutions for wind, precipitation, pressure, temperature, and humidity serving various classical meteorological and highly specific environmental and industrial end-markets. Our highest goal is to deliver state-of-the-art sensors and customer-friendly complete measurement solutions including data acquisition, maintenance, and service. With our products and the portfolio of the AEM family of innovative brands, we aim to be a globally established brand and to provide a wide range of meteorological applications with flexible and high-quality solutions for our customers’ weather measurement tasks. For more information about AEM, visit Our mission is to enable our customers and partners with equipment, software, predictive analytics, and services to give them a comprehensive view of their
environment so they can mitigate risks, improve operational efficiencies, save lives, and live better.

Products and Services

The products of LAMBRECHT meteo GmbH can be found wherever wind, precipitation, temperature, air pressure, humidity, radiation, air flow, and other weather parameters are measured. Weather services, manufacturers of wind turbines and control technology, suppliers of shipyards, system suppliers for ship technology and many other industries rely on Lambrecht meteo measurement technology.
Lambrecht meteo supplies all necessary peripheral equipment and accessories. Our data loggers and software applications ensure user-friendly operation; the most modern technology is used to retrieve the data, e.g. via the Internet. Comprehensive services and a long-term repair and spare parts supply make Lambrecht meteo a reliable partner when it comes to meteorological measurement technology.



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