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About us

friends of green sonic was set up in 1991 and is based in Eddigehausen (near the university town of Göttingen). The company has over 25 years' experience in audio recordings with excellent sound resolution and are committed to achieving particularly natural and three-dimensional sound quality – green sonic.

High-resolution 3D sound technology

The company specialises in high-resolution technology for 3D audio recordings, services for sound recording and the production of high-end measuring equipment. The company’s technology is sold under the name of PANTOFONIE® and includes for example an audio recorder with the world's highest sound resolution and an artificial head system optimised for three-dimensionality. The technology is used for developments in product sound design, three-dimensional audio recordings and audiophile recordings for music productions.

This high-tech company have engaged in research and development work together with a leading global producer of digital real-time measuring and recording equipment. One product of this partnership is the "clàr" recorder which is used to record acoustic signals in high resolution in a 24-bit PCM process with a sampling rate in the MHz range – in other words with an unprecedented temporal resolution. Special materials and components developed in-house, both of which are intended for acoustic measurements, are used when developing any one of the company’s products

2017 innovation award

friends of green sonic received the 1st prize in the 2017 Göttingen district "Innovationspreis" innovation awards for having developed the "clàr" recorder in-house. This was recognition from the jury of a completely new recording technology unique in the world.

Target groups for the technology include automotive and aerospace industries, universities, research institutes and recording studios. Collaboration, research and industry partners for acoustic analysis are welcome.

Products & Services

Global innovation: the "clàr" recorder

friends of green sonic currently offers the best digital measuring system on the acoustics market. The real-time measuring and recording system records acoustic signals in a 24-bit PCM process at 4.2336 MHz. Signal processing is unique and extremely clean. This technology enables the exact and true-to-life reconstruction of subtle acoustic variables.

Target group: industrial clients

The "clàr" recorder helps clients from a wide range of industries to define and design the sound of their products. Car manufacturers and producers of consumer goods, such as vacuum cleaners and hairdryers, can benefit from the opportunity to shape the sound of their vehicles and appliances. Architects pinpoint and optimise the acoustic features of rooms. This allows clients to develop the sound exactly as they want it. The recorder makes product development simpler and therefore less expensive – improving both product quality and turnover.

Target group: recording studios, radio and television

In the music segment, the "clàr" recorder's unique sound resolution offers an unprecedented naturalness with the quality and warmth of analogue recordings. The new recorder is now available for both recording studios and radio and television broadcasters. Its high-resolution technology provides an even more complex and attractive sound for recorded music.


  • Acoustic signal recording
  • Support in the sound design development segment
  • 3D audio recordings
  • Acoustic documentation with high-resolution audio files
  • Production of high-end measuring equipment
  • Music and audio book production
  • Recordings for film, TV and radio



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