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About us

friends of green sonic was set up in 1991 and is based in Bovenden (near the university town of Göttingen). The company has over 30 years' experience in three-dimensional audio recordings with the highest sound resolution and is leading in Ultra Authentic Audio Recording.

Ultra Authentic Audio Recording

High-end recordings with the Ultra Authentic Audio Recording from friends of green sonic open up new dimensions beyond the usual listening. With the world's highest sound resolution in 3D, the company is active in a wide variety of business sectors:

The core business includes music and radio play productions as well as recordings for the industrial sound design and sensitive recordings for sound therapy applications.

The company specializes in high-resolution 3D audio technology and related services. Ultra Authentic Audio Recording is an exclusive recording method that has been continuously developed by friends of green sonic over many years. It enables three-dimensional, ultra-authentic recordings that create an amazingly realistic spatial impression.

The high-tech company has engaged in research and development work together with a leading global manufacturer of digital real-time measuring and recording equipment. One product of this partnership is the clàr recorder which is used to record acoustic signals in high resolution in a 24-bit PCM process with a sampling rate in the MHz range – a uniquely high temporal resolution. The clàr recorder, which is integrated into the recording system, was an in-house development that received der 1st prize in the 2017 Göttingen district “Innovationspreis” innovation award.

3D audio based on artificial head technology is another development focus. For decades, friends of green sonic has been continuously pushing this technology forward using state-of-the-art high-tech materials. The company works with universities and universities of applied sciences but also with partner companies. The result is one of the world's most modern and innovative 3D recording systems - with historical roots that can be found in Göttingen.

Products and Services

Industrial recording

For industrial customers, companies, development offices and research facilities friends of green records sounds and noises in the world's highest signal resolution with Ultra Authentic Audio Recording - the basis for precise product developments in sound design and even more meaningful results in noise analysis. Thanks to the experience with 3D audio, the company is happy to provide support with high-end recordings of product sounds for PR and marketing, that set a new quality dimension in signal resolution and authenticity.

Artistic recording

friends of green sonic produces high-resolution 3D recordings for musicians of many genres - from soloists to ensembles and bands to choirs and orchestras. The company is working for internationally successful professionals as well as for amateurs. In the word area, high-end radio plays and audio book recordings for speakers, actors and authors as well as recordings for podcasts are offered. Private individuals also have the opportunity to realize recordings at the highest technical level.

Therapeutic recording

High-end 3D recordings from friends of green sonic are perfect for sound therapy applications. The high-resolution, extremely detailed recordings of an instrument or a voice have a unique naturalness and warmth - ideal for a deep, meditative sound relaxation. Sound therapists use them as well as relaxation specialists, meditation trainers or wellness studios. Musical instruments dealer present their online products with audio samples in 3D to promote sales.



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