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About us

Established in 1985 we provide both standard components and individual solutions for our customers and assist them in their acoustical analysis tasks.

Acoustical Quality Assurance and Analysis

The production process of mechanical assemblies like gears, gearboxes, transmissions, bearings or injection pumps is increasingly controlled by acoustical analysis. For industrial, in-line analysis, the assignment of acoustical events to specific defect sources or production problems has many advantages.

The Discom measurement software „Rotas“ provides a flexible framework for machine noise analysis. It is optimized for the short cycle times typical for quality assurance in industrial production.
In addition to measurement soft- and hardware, the Discom noise analysis system consists of several components, which handle the administration of measurement data and test instructions.

Products & Services

Powerful and Flexible

Acoustic quality assurance as an integral part of the manufacturing process enables rapid, reliable and thorough testing of all kinds of mechanical assemblies. The modular construction of the DISCOM noise analysis system enables it to be customized for all types of sensors and adapted to any desired application. Among other implementations, the DISCOM system has been successfully used for testing automobile components (gearboxes, engines) and evaluating vehicles’ overall noise emissions.
In addition to the actual measuring program, “Rotas”, our system includes a number of applications and databases that provide for detailed analyses and statistics, test bench administration and archiving of all the effected measurements.

Innovative Technique

The measuring system consists of a latest generation industrial PC enhanced by the addition of a number of signal processor cards, specially developed by DISCOM. The number of sensors used and the system’s processing power can be scaled by installing additional signal processor cards. Available sensors include contact detectors for structure-borne noise, laser vibrometers, and microphones.

For All Types of Test Benches

The measuring system PC can be installed in a 19”  cabinet or in a separate housing (for instance on a swivel arm). Its connection to the test bench control system is flexible as well – a Profibus™, a serial connection, or a Windows-DCOM interface – a variety of options are available depending on the type of computer used for the control system.
The additional application programs that make up the remainder of the package – assembly database, measurement archive, analysis programs – can be operated as desired on the measuring system computer itself or on a central server that administers a number of production lines in parallel.

Service and Support

We do not see ourselves merely as a supplier of measuring systems but as partners for acoustic quality assurance. Each of our projects is individually planned and implemented on-site in close cooperation with the customer. Our software can be adapted to the customer’s requirements and extended to include additional functions.
We also offer consulting services in the field of acoustic quality assurance, and analysis of noise problems in vehicles and components.



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