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About us

Optomech provides support in all tasks around the product development in optics and optoelectronics, medical technology, precision engineering and metrology. The range of activities encompasses services for the entire development process included product definition with the elaboration of specifications, design, construction, prototype fabrication and full series launch with its support.

Core Skills

Development / construction

  • Development and design of optomechanical and opto-electronic components and devices
  • Supporting the design and predevelopment: risk analysis, feasibility study, product cost appraisement
  • Creation of design documents with the CAD systems Pro-Engineer, NX and SolidWorks
  • Design to cost optimization


  • Prototype manufacturing / Rapid Prototyping
  • Preparation and introduction of products in the series production
  • Organization and Optimization of manufacturing and assembly processes
  • Development and production of calibration and test equipment .

Project Example

  • Development of a positioning and adjustment unit for 1.5m long mirror with angle accuracy of 5 µrad.
  • Mechanical Development of 3-monitor modules for the analysis of Line Beam Optics
  • Design optimization and handover to the series production of a compact fluorescent microscope. Development of the assembly equipment of individual assembly stations, incl. Manufacturing support of automated calibration and inspection stations.
  • Design and construction of the calibration and measurement devices for the assembly and testing of optical components in the 193mn range.
  • Development and production support of an operating microscope.
  • Concept, development and manufacturing support a micro-zoom lens,
  • Concept, development and manufacturing support of a prototype of the micro light modulator.
  • Development and production support of the optical measuring cell for the production of micro-plasma and measurement of laserinduced fluorescence (LIF)
  • Concept and design of a control instrument for the inspection of macro defects in the semiconductor manufacturing, including CE and SEMI certification. Organization of assembly and manufacturing processes for serial production. Implementation of the Manufacturing Transfers to USA.



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