Vereta GmbH

About us

Vereta was founded in 2002 as a company for sensor systems.
Climate control, flow, humidity and particulates are the scopes of the young technology firm Vereta.
In addition to the three founders two investment companies and a private investor are engaged in Vereta.
Already in 2002 the granted patent of the „real feel temperature“ created the basis for new applications of thermal sensors.

Products and Services

Almost every year Vereta developed new products.
A control unit for wooden fire places, a dewpoint measuring unit, an apparatus for air quality control, the „Klimamaus“ and as the latest invention a mobile control unit for particulates are some of the  company´s highlights.

Many patented inventions or pending patents show the creativity of our developers.
An experienced team of engineers, technicans and software specialists grant a fast and effective project management.
Many gained prices for excellent product developments show the competence of the small innovation company Vereta.

Climate, humidity, flow and particulates, we know the ropes.



Vereta GmbH
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