Lambrecht meteo GmbH

About us

LAMBRECHT meteo is a young and dynamic company that has been outsourced in 2015 from the traditional Wilh. Lambrecht GmbH. Behind this stands a team of dedicated and competent employees and experts that is active in the market of meteorological measuring technique since a lot of years. Our core competences are wind and precipitation measurement: in these fields we offer solutions and measuring systems that are state-of-the-art and real technological innovations at the same time. 

Requirements and wishes of the users are permanently influencing the improvement of components and new developments. Especially the integration of new technology is a major aim to be always one step ahead of the competitors.

The successful combination of a sales and service network together with strong external partners and last but not least reliable suppliers is the solid foundation for a permanent growth.

Products and Services

Products of the LAMBRECHT meteo GmbH are in operation where parameters like wind, rain, temperature, barometric pressure, humidity, radiation, air flow and others have to be measured. Users from weather services and branches like wind generator manufacturers, building control, system integrators and shipbuilders are trusting in LAMBRECHT equipment since many years.
The wind sensor series BASIC, INDUSTRY, PROFESSIONAL, PRO-WEA and EOLOS have been designed especially for the demands of the renewable energy sector. The combined, seawater resistant ultrasonic wind sensor u[sonic] is perfect for cold climate conditions. LAMBRECHT sensors are successfully in operation worldwide and under all climatological conditions.

The modular design concept for customized specific sensors is optimized for applications like wind power generators, solar tracking systems and many others.

LAMBRECHT meteo can also provide further peripheral instruments and accessories. Data loggers and software packages allow a comfortable and easy use. Among others the data can be transferred by means of different telemetry modes e.g. in the internet. Plug & Play and a visualisation of the data via web browser offers the small and smart data logger met[LOG].

Substantial service packages in combination with a long lasting supply of support and spare parts distinguish the LAMBRECHT meteo GmbH as a reliable supplier.




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