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The Microscopy business group is the world's only one-stop manufacturer of light, X-ray and electron microscope systems. The portfolio compromises solutions and services for the life sciences and materials research as well as for industry, education and clinical practice. The business group is headquartered in Jena. Additional production and development sites are located in Oberkochen, Göttingen and Munich, as well as in Cambridge in the UK, and in Peabody, MA and Pleasanton, CA in the USA. The business group is allocated to the Research & Quality Technology segment. Around 5,900 employees work for the segment, generating revenue totaling €1.356 billion in fiscal year 2014/15.



Products & Services 

Microscopes from Carl Zeiss allow scientists to gain important knowledge about diseases such as cancer, Alzheimer’s and tuberculosis. This results in new diagnostic techniques and better drugs for therapy. ZEISS microscopes support the development of new materials and enable more efficient quality inspection in industry. 






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