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Accurion is a specialist for thin film metrology and active vibration isolation.

The product line surface analysis provides different Imaging Ellipsometers for measurement of thickness of ultra thin films. The instruments are surrounded by various accessories like cells, liquid handling, temperature control or complementary technologies like AFM, reflection spectroscopy, etc.
The instruments are in use in many different applications: Monolayer Science, Materials Research, Biochip technology, Protein Interaction, Colloid & surface Science, Solar Cells, Data Storage and many more.

The product line of active vibration isolation offers various instruments to dampen vibration sensitive measurement equipment from small loads of 1 kg up to heavy loads of 2 tonnes.
Specific customer needs for both product lines are a welcome challenge for the entire team.

Optical Surface Analysis:

This divisionis offering various instruments for optical characterisation of ultra thin films.
The imaging ellipsometer nanofilm_ep4 is measuring film thickness and refractive index as any ellipsometer. The combination of Null ellipsometry and microscopy enables us to provide a real time ellipsometric contrast image with a lateral resolution as small as 1 micron while non-imaging ellipsometers only have a lateral resolution of about 50 microns.
The thickness resolution is going into the sub nanometer range.

The imaging ellipsometer can be configured according to your needs and are working in the wavelength range from 250 to 1700 nm.
Combinations with complementary technologies like atomic force microscopy (AFM), Raman spectroscopy, QCMD and others are possible.


The modular nanofilm_ep4 provides a real time image and allows highly parallel screening of structured surfaces.


The Brewster angle microscope nanofilm_ultrabam is dedicated to the investigation of monolayer and Langmuir Blodgett films. It provides an overall focused image although the incident beam is investigating under an angle.



The nanofilm_ultrabam allows real time investigation of surfaces.

Products & Services 

The various Imaging Ellipsometers nanofilm_ep3 are in use to measure film thickness and refractive index.
The systems provide a real time image and allows higly paralel screening of structured surfaces.


Accurioin Ep3bam

The Brewster Angle Microscope nanofilm_ep3bam allows real time investigation of surfaces.


Reflection Spectrometer

The Reflection Spectrometer nanofilm_refspec could be combined with Imaging Ellipsometers or could be used as stand alone system. 


Halcyonics active vibration isolation systems

The halcyonics_nano series is dampening frequencies from 1 to 200 Hz and carries loads up to 25 kg. It is the smallest active vibration isolation system worldwide.


Halcyonics Micro Series

The halcyonics_micro series is dampening frequencies from 1 to 200 Hz and carries loads up to 100 kg.


Halcyonics Vario Series

The halcyonics_vario series is dampening frequencies from 1 to 200 Hz and carries loads up to 600 kg.

The halcyonics_heavy load series is dampening frequencies from 1 to 200 Hz and carries loads up to 2500 kg.

The halcyonics_workstation series is combining the micro or vario series with an solid frame for ideal working conditions.

The halcyonics_acoustic enclosure series adds damping of acoustic noise.



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