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Laser-Laboratorium Göttingen e.V.

„Quantitative Phase Imaging, from white light imaging to fluorescence super-resolution"

Laser Laboratory Göttingen - Hans-Adolf-Krebs-Weg 1
Seminar Room
Wednesday 05.07.2017, 17:15
Pierre Bon
Univ. Bordeaux & Institut d’Optique, Talence France

Quantitative Phase Imaging has been developed to retrieve information from biological samples. We have developed an approach based on generating self-interferences from the light emerging from an optical microscope [1]. More than a simple contrast enhancement technique, the quantitative information provided allows many possible applications, both in the coherent (transmission white-light) and the incoherent (fluorescence) world.

Initially developed for label-free microscopy, we have applied our approach to label-free live cells and tissue imaging. The sensitivity, its non-invasiveness as well as the versatility of this technique makes it applicable to multiple investigations such as label-free cytoskeleton imaging [2], identification of sub-cellular compounds [3] or dry mass measurement [4].
We have recently extended this idea to super-resolution by 3D super-localization of, first, absorbing (gold) nanoparticles [5] and then fluorescence single molecules [6]. The access to the phase of light unravels the axial position of a single emitter while the intensity gives the lateral position with neither PSF shaping nor multiple plane imaging. Our technique has the major advantage to work deep inside a tissue, allowing 3D super-resolution even at 25 μm without any adaptive optics.

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[6] P. Bon et al, (2017)

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